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For want of a better word, “interesting” would suffice and serve the purpose for now. Interesting in the sense that Asia’s real estate market, or more specifically the housing market has and is still in a very interesting position. Interesting because the one industry which has served as the barometer of the consumers’ ability and wish to spend – read own – is being challenged by a weak economic climate, decreased buyer spending power, lower investment appetite, a stringent lending market et al… The list goes on ad nauseam. The bottom line is, it is interesting as we have entered a period where we can choose to take calculated risks for a soft landing or bet the house – no pun intended – we will avert a hard landing. 

And yes… we still have that sticky issue of unabated urban migration, putting a strain on our housing infrastructure. 

Housing Asia, if anything else, is a conference-platform for Asia’s housing market stakeholders to gauge our current business models, with an aim to uncover opportunities and rationalise today’s unique set of challenges: from a market which dreams of property ownership albeit without the financial means; to a new set of social obligations to house Asia’s growing urban populace.
Over two days, you will learn, converse and help shape Asia’s housing market for the years to come. Interesting as whoever rides out today’s weak housing market will emerge as the dominant players for years to come when the market recovers.

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